Wednesday, March 08, 2006

An Experiment in Democracy, Inspired By The First Meenister's Pinstriped Kilt

I still have bad dreams about the experimental kilt worn by the Senior Retainer, Mr McConnell, at a "Tartan Day" event in New York. The fact that it was not tartan was what the French would call a faux pas, and what my mother, Mrs Elder (or Ma'am) might have termed a skelping offence. Accompanying his mini-skirt with a ruffled blouson was a secondary affront to the nation's fragile self-esteem. In many parts of Scotland, wearing such an outfit would have been enough to get Mr McConnell "kilt".
But let us not be churlish: Tartan Day does a good job of promoting Ireland to the Americans, particularly when the parade is headed by the world's favourite Irish policeman, Sir Sean Connery, of Fountainbridge.
Nevertheless, I think, the money could have been better spent. Please avail yourself of the opinion poll, (below, right), so that the national temperature on this issue might be taken.

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Huttonian said...

Glad to come across a fellow Borderer Blogmate. WE nearly settled in Peebles incoming from southern parts but the unofficial town motto : 'Paris for business-Peebles for Pleasure' rather put me off. Here it is 'Hutton for business and for pleasure' Dead wrong on the first since the shop closed in 197something, the pub earlier. And thats part of the pleasure