Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Daily Telegraph, As Viewed By The Advertising Robots of Google

I have remarked before about the peculiar priorities of the robots at Google, who select advertisements to fill the small box (above). Oddly, in recent weeks, this site has attracted advertisements from the Daily Mirror, and now - above, at the time of writing - The Daily Telegraph. The Telegraph advertisement appeared after my diary entry about the theme from Z-Cars, which makes me wonder which of the "key-words" made it attractive to potential readers of that grand conservative institution. Perhaps it was the mention of national anthems. One trusts it was nothing to do with Nazis. Or was it the musical lavatory bowl? Actually, the more I think about it, the more worrying it gets.


Anonymous said...

I myself strayed here after forgetting to put inverted commas into my search for that great war movie "das Boot", and instead of a picture of those fine Huns in oily uniform, I find myself looking at a green Wellington. I have stayed to read on, however, and am interested enough to return. Indeed the small ad above right now advertises weddings at Gretna Green, which service I will be availing myself of when my googling of "Filippino" and "bride" turns up trumps. I thank you

Learson said...

If your googling of 'Filippino' and 'bride' turns up trumps you may be in for a surprise as the final vowel indicates the male gender. Try Filipina.