Friday, May 05, 2006

Mr Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson MP Versus Germany. Where Are You When We Need You, Mr Eddie Waring?

As a politician, Mr Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson MP has always treated public affairs as if he were appearing on an edition of It's A Knockout. In this video clip, he appears to be taking this approach to a new level.


Martyn said...

What can you see about the midfield general, Bozzer that he hasn't already said himself. The man is a genius/lunatic.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see why Boris's headbutt to the fella's tatties has made him a national hero when my own school sports failings earned me only ridicule and abuse (of a verbal rather than sexual nature) from Lasswade High School's brutish PE teachers. As it happens we did have a German exchange student for a short while, whom one assumes I might have hit in his privates to earn praise were it not for the fact he was always surrounded by jeering bullies shrieking "don't mention the war!".