Monday, June 12, 2006

England Pants: Official (NB: Not suitable for children. Or, indeed, adults)

England pants
Originally uploaded by Herschell Hershey.
In the spirit of international co-operation and tolerance (plus a sweet tooth), I was prepared to embrace the England doughnuts, described below, as a welcome side-effect of this FIFA World Cup. I am less sure about these unmentionables, photographed by my friend, Mr Hershey.


Anonymous said...

Tame fare: I once had a pair of Scottish pants, which were bright yellow and had a red lion rampant emblazoned across the front. At times of high excitement the lion would appear to pounce, which I thought both patriotic and only good manners so any ladies might know my intentions.

Martyn said...

Good lord !

I hear there are England condoms available as well with the legend
"Stand Proud For England" written on the packaging.

What does this mean ? Why have the Guardian not written about this profalactyic phenomena ?