Thursday, October 27, 2005

Potato Crisps Are Not Food, But Pork Scratchings Might Be. On The Cheese Sandwich, The Government Is Undecided

From this morning's Today programme, an exchange between Mr John Humphrys, and the English Health Secretary, Ms Patricia Hewitt.

Mr Humphrys: "Is a packet of crisps food, or a cheese sandwich food?"
Ms Hewitt: "No. A packet of crisps, no."
Mr Humphrys: "Pork scratchings?"
Ms Hewitt: "We'll define that in the regulations, John, I'm not going to try and do it on the radio this morning."
Mr Humphrys: "A ham sandwich?"
Ms Hewitt: "We'll define all that in the regulations. It's one of the more difficult aspects of drawing the distinction between food and non-food, but I'm sure with common sense and the help of consumers and the industry, we'll do it."


Learson said...

With regard to the vexed question of food, we obviously need a new Cabinet Ministerial appointment.I suggest the Government creates a Minister for Comestibles Nomenclature so that Britons can be further condescended to and patronized by the passel of cultural-Marxist rogues, dolts and traitors who wish to lord it over the dumb brutes who comprise the British electorate.

dearieme said...

Cheese sandwiches get Hewitt in a pickle.

As for ham sandwiches, surely anti-Islamic even to mention them?