Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Further Evidence That The Dadaists Have Taken Control Of The BBC, And Are Intent On Mocking Mr Peter Mandelson

Tragically, television subtitles are one of the few areas of modern life which go unrecorded. They do not live on in video recordings, and no amount of CCTV enhancements can coax them back to life. Once they are gone, they are gone. Thus, the unfortunate episode described below fades into myth. However, I have been contacted by a mole in Bletchley Park, who provides visual evidence of the Surrealistic tendencies which have infected the Corporation's subtitlers. Tantalisingly, this picture is taken from the same Newsnight film as the episode involving Mr Mandelson's "pant".

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The Pedant-General said...


Not so Your Eminence: I believe this is a remarkably rare sighting of someone in the BBC telling the truth.

Now that would be surreal.

Toodle Pip!