Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Golliwogs and Miss Carol Thatcher: Another Case Of 'Political Correctness Gone Rife'

I have some experience in the matter of political correctness gone rife. My old lady editor at The Hootsmon used this phrase almost as a matter of punctuation to express her disgust at every aspect of modernity; a trick she had learned at that temple of unreasonable ire, the Daily Mail. But the sacking of Miss Carol Thatcher by the BBC is a puzzler. She should have been sacked long ago for being a bumbling halfwit who was only employed because her mother blasted the Argies in the Guerra de las Malvinas. But if - as my friend, the Conservative blogger Mr Iain Dale, attested on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme - she was referring the tennis player Mr Andrew Murray, then she really should have been more careful with her language, and stuck to the received wisdom that he is a tone-faced, whingeing Jock.