Friday, December 01, 2006

Further Evidence That The BBC Is Broadcasting In An Open-Necked Shirt

This morning on BBC Radio Four's Desert Island Discs, I heard Ms Kirsty Young use the word "chavs" without irony or apology. Moments later, a news announcer read a report which included the phrase "economic no-brainer"; a term which should never be used, unless in connection with Lord (Norman) Lamont.
Another two daisies on the grave of Lord Reith.

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Anonymous said...

The day after Lamont became Chancellor, I was travelling from Glasgow to Peterborough by train. When we reached Waverley Station, an elderly couple joined the train and sat across from me. The man began reading his Scotsman, put it down and said, qhite clearly, to his wife, "Wee Norrie LAMont? Chancellor of the Exchequer? Ah kent his faither!"

The great Scottish put-down.